Thank you for visiting The Fariss Ranch.

  We are located in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas where we raise           beautiful purebred and percentage Boer Goats, as well as phenomenally               correct Show Pigs.  

  Our Boer goat genetics include Mojo, Blue Chip, Frances, and more.  We          
  believe strongly in selecting goats based upon their genetics, structure, and  
  temperament.  We like the 'whole package' in our herd.  We think we have it.

Our Show pigs include both Cross and Hampshire at this time.  We believe that a pig should be naturally muscled and not require the heavy feed additives that some must use to achieve the 'showme' look.  Our pigs are all stress negative and we choose our boars based upon this same trait.  At the same time, they all achieve eyepopping muscle because of their genetics minus the stress gene.  Their feed-growth ratio is good and they win in the show ring!